Military and Industrial Transport Cases

Shipping electronics equipment demands more than just ordinary protection. Hardigg polyethylene rackmount enclosures provides protective features unsurpassed in the industry.

  • High-strength, lightweight, heat-treated aluminum 19" Versa-Racks (EIA standard) with a wide range of custom mounting options support and protect even delicate equipment from severe drops, aircraft turbulence, off-road travel, etc.

  • Precision-engineered 2" long elastomeric shockmounts match the weight range of your gear.

  • 1"-2" of sway space within rackmount enclosures insulate cargo from shock and vibration with a cooling air flow - a major advantage over foam-captivated systems.
NLS has chosen Hardigg military cases because our joint-deployments with them in the field have shown that they are the best military and harsh environment case in the world.

Like all military transport cases, the rackmount enclosures are extremely rugged and intelligently engineered. They are lightweight, durable, shockproof, watertight, dustproof, reusable, heat- and chemical-resistant. Read more about standard features shared by all the Hardigg rotationally molded military cases.

These cases come in a variety of widths, lengths, heights and colors. Please contact sales for more information on what your project's requirements are and we will be sure to get you something that fits perfectly. Our phone is 805.389.5435 x18 or email us at

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