Chassis LCD Displays
Rugged LCD and Touchscreens

Neuro Logic's Flat Panel Chassis Monitor (CF-xx) line are specially designed rugged HD LCD displays for industrial applications and harsh, demanding environments, including shipboard and military or within the consumer-based interactive multimedia markets. NLS can customize any of our Chassis LCD displays to fit your specific needs. Custom product engineering and design is also available.

With a viewing size from 10.1" to 30.0", it presents an ample display area as well as vivid and sharp images. Our COTS approach assures that your display will work with any system. The CF line features Direct-VGA signal transmission, which allows a regular VGA control card to be used on your system. DVI or Digital Video Interface connections are also available. Digital offers the best possible colors, clarity and sharpness. The whole chassis is of constructed of steel with NEMA4/IP65 compliance.
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