CSC-15-232: 1U 15" Compact Server Console
CSC-17-232: 1U 17" Compact Server Console
With Terminal Emulation

These products are going EOL and the last buy date is Aug 19, 2012. To discuss replacement, call 805-389-5435 ext. 218

Our new Compact Console line is designed for today’s racks and servers. A shorter depth, only 20” deep, allows maximum air flow through your cabinet. The CSC Line was originally made for the military but priced for commercial use. While the CSC’s depth results in a lighter product, it remains tough enough to be used in any transport case. The 17” LCD gives you 44 lines of viewable information. That’s twice the amount of data verses the 15” LCD model!
  • 1U high and 20" deep
  • Built-in Terminal Emulation
  • 17" LCD
  • Locks securely in the rack
  • 2-year warranty
  • Mounts in 18" to 24" racks
1U Rackmount LCD and Keyboard with Terminal Emulation
Key Features
  • Only 20" Deep
  • 17" LCD
  • Keyboard
  • One Ethernet Port
  • One Parallel port
  • One DB-9 serial RS-232 port
  • Multiple RS-232 Emulations
  • Baud rates from 50 to 115,200 bps
  • MODE: Full duplex, Half Duplex, Half Block and Block
  • FORMAT: 7 or 8 data bits with or without parity, 1 or 2 top bits
  • PROTOCOL: Software handshake XON/XOFF,
  • XPC. Hardware handshake DTR pin
  • Built in conjunction with Sun Microsystems for Unix Systems!
  • Supports up to 16 sessions to multiple servers via Ethernet connection
  • 16 background colors
  • Supports RSC capabilities
  • 28 & 48-volt and 400Hz power options
    Terminal Emulations (partial list):
  • WY-60
  • WY-120
  • WY-50+
  • WY-325
  • ADDS A2
  • PCG Alpha
  • TVI910+
  • TVI925
  • VT52
  • VT100
  • VT220
  • Console ANSI
  • 28 and 48-volt DC and 400Hz power supply options
  • Includes power, RS-232 and Ethernet cables
  • Extended Warranties options
  • Perfect for secure environments due to the lack of a hard drive or memory!
LCD Specifications
LCD Technology: Active matrix TFT color LCD
. 17.1" diagonal screen size
. 1280 x 1024 addressable pixels
. 1280 x 1024 maximum resolution
. 0.264mm x 0.264mm pixel pitch
. 260cd/m˛ (typ.) brightness
. 400:1(typ.) contrast ratio
. Tr: 25ms / Tf: 16ms (typ.)
. L/R=80° / 80°, U/D=75° / 75° viewing angle
. 4 CCFLs backlights lamp with 30,000 hours life (min.)
Display Resolution: 1280 pixels(H) x 1024 lines(V)
Active Display Area: 337.1mm(H) x 270.1mm(V)
Displayable Color: 16.7M colors
Horizontal Scan: 31.5kHz to 80kHz
Vertical Refresh: 56Hz to 77Hz
Pixel Frequency: 135MHz
User Controls: . Multilingual on screen menu adjustments
. External adjustment button
. External brightness adjustment
. Screen image control items: Auto-Adjustment, Contrast, Horizontal Position, Vertical Position, Frequency, Tracking, Display Mode, OSD Off-Time, Language, Text-Graphic, Reset, Volume, Mute, Color setting, Color adjustment (R.G.B)
Power Input: 90-240v, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 25W Typ., 35 watt (max.), < 5 watt (off mode)
Operating Temp: 0°-50°C / 32°-122°F; Humidity: 95% max
Storage Temp: -20°-60° / -4°-140°F; Humidity: 95% max
Vibration & Shock:
(non-mil test)
Accel: 1.5G
Freq: 10~200~10
Active Time: 30 min
Shock Test Spec:
(non-mil test)
Accel: 50G
Active Time: 20
Wave form: half-sin
Times: 1
Pressure: Max: 1040hPa; 0=sea level
Min: 764hPa; 3048m = 10,000ft
Non-operation Alt: 30,000ft = 9145m
Operational Alt: 20,000ft
Power Supply Options: DC 12/24/48 Volt & 400Hz (call for part number)
Mil Specs: Optional: 461E - 901D - 810
Unit Certs: CE, CSA
LCD Agency approval: FCC-B, CE-B, VCCI-II, BSMI, CCIB, UL, CUL, TUV, CB, TCO' 99
Weight: 29lbs.
MTBF: 30,000 hours
Model Number: CSC-17-232: 17" LCD and US Keyboard with HD-15 and DVI connectors. Also available with UK, French and German keyboards.
PDF Downloads
User Guide
Emulation Overview
NLS Product Brochure
CSC Product Brochure
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1U Rackmount LCD and Keyboard with Terminal Emulation 1U Rackmount LCD and Keyboard with Terminal Emulation 1U Rackmount LCD and Keyboard with Terminal Emulation 1U Rackmount LCD and Keyboard with Terminal Emulation 1U Rackmount LCD and Keyboard with Terminal Emulation