Server Racks
Experience acquired in hundreds of data center deployments enables SharkRack to develop the industry’s most well engineered server rack mounting system—the TigerShark™2. These advanced enclosures reduce total cost of ownership and increase availability by providing highly efficient management of space, power, cooling, monitoring, control, security, and cabling.
NLS has chosen the SharkRack product line because of their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction
The steadily increasing power density of IT equipment means more heat per rack and per square foot of data center space. SharkRack considers the effects these trends have on system reliability, and we engineer every aspect of the T2 accordingly—from cabling paths to perforation patterns and airflow to side-panel designs that prevent hot air from affecting neighboring cabinets. SharkRack also pioneered a universal fit, which makes it easier to manage space in multi-vendor environments, and speeds system integration rollouts. As a result, the T2 platform makes the most efficient use of your valuable data center floor space while ensuring maximum uptime today and in the future. Tool-less integration and pre-integrated monitoring and control are other big pluses for data center workers and system integrators.
Key Features
    Maximizes Vertical Space

  • Guaranteed TRUE FIT™
  • Multi-vendor equipment compatibility
  • Adjustable Mounting Depth
  • SharkTRAC™ and SharkSNAP™ components make installation of One-U and Zero-U devices fast and easy
  • Ventilated doors with scalable cooling options
  • Efficient use of Zero-U space
  • 2000 pound load capacity
  • Optional split rear doors

    Keeps Your Data Center Organized & Safe

  • Numerous cabling configurations allow for flexible top-to-bottom and front-to-back cabling
  • Roof and base cable access
  • rotective grounding provisions
  • Rear Cable Management channels
  • UBC Zone 4 Compliant
  • UBC Zone 4 stabilization provisions
  • All panels secured with lock
    Advanced Cooling, Power Delivery, & Security Options
  • Optional electronic keypad and HID locks provide additional security
  • Optional IP-based environmental monitoring
  • Optional IP-based security cameras and motion detection

  • Shock-Type Shipping Pallet
    Superior Engineering

  • Fully Welded Frame with powder-coast finish
  • Tool-less integration of doors, top and side panels, PDUs, and other devices
  • Numbered U positions
  • Rolls through a 7 foot doorway
  • Bay together with or without side panels

  • Ships fully assembled
Dimensions & Weight, Standard Depth Cabine: . Internal Dimensions (H x W x D): 73.5 x 17.81 x 37 inches
. External Dimensions (H x W x D): 80 x 24 x 42 inches
. Std Shipping Dimensions (H x W x D): 85 x 30 x 48 inches
. Frame Weight: 111 lbs
. Average Unit Weight* 275 lbs
. Average Shipping Weight* 350 lbs Varies depending on optional accessories added to configuration
Dimensions & Weight, Extended Depth Cabinet: . Internal Dimensions (H x W x D): 73.5 x 17.81 x 42 inches
. External Dimensions (H x W x D): 80 x 24 x 47 inches
. Std Shipping Dimensions (H x W x D): 85 x 30 x 48 inches
. Frame Weight: 132 lbs
. Average Unit Weight* 300 lbs
. Average Shipping Weight* 375 lbs Varies depending on optional accessories added to configuration
Racking Specifications: . Conformance: EIA 310-D
. Rack Height: 42U
. Additional Zero U spaces: 6U
. Mounting Rail Opening: 17.81 inches
. Mounting Hole Center To Center: 18.31 inches
. Load Capacity: 2000 lbs.
Materials: . Frame: 14 GA CRS (Cold Rolled Steel)
. Base: 12 GA CRS
. Mounting Rails: 12 GA CRS
. Top Panel: 18 GA CRS
. Side Panels: 18 GA CRS
. Doors: 18 GA CRS
Color Scheme: Enterprise Grey or Black
Warranty: 1 Year
More Info
  • TrueFit guarantee assures more flexible use of vertical space than proprietary cabinets, allowing you to mix equipment from different makers in the same cabinet
  • Universal-fit platform makes it possible to mount different types of equipment—-One-U servers, blade servers, RAID storage, and networking equipment—-in a single enclosure
  • Tool-less integration simplifies maintenance and equipment installation and speeds on site system deployments
  • Unique perforation pattern­-with 64% open area­-a design feature that achieves optimal thermal convection provide improved airflow and more uniform cooling
  • Cabinet depth optimized for hot- and- cold aisle installation provides the best possible thermal transfer and dissipation
  • Tool-less mounting devices allow you to make maximum use of Zero-U space and make installation of IT equipment faster and more efficient
  • Flexible mounting of power delivery equipment provides better utilization of vertical space for the 15 inch rackmount LCD
  • Well-engineered pathways in the Zero-U space provide improved organization for cabling
  • Snug fitting blanking panels prevent hot air from adversely affecting equipment within the cabinet
  • Integrated locks and optional electronic locking systems provide superior security
  • Industry-leading manufacturing quality improves the professional look of data center environments
  • Multiple stability devices provide better safety for personnel and help to protect equipment from seismic events
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