CSC-20-MIL-CAT5A: 2U 20” LCD/Sealed Kybd & CAT5 KVM
Formerly: RFT-20-2U-MIL-CAT5

The CSC-20-MIL-CAT5 is engineered for military use and harsh conditions and built to MIL-SPECs 810 and 167. The interlocking clamshell design prevents side-to-side movement of top and bottom pieces in a stored position under heavy vibration. The heavy-duty solid bearing rackslides allow for extreme durability both during use and in a stowed position as well as dealing with shock and vibration in a transport case or shock-isolated rack. To save space, the entire unit is only 16.5” deep.

The CSC-20-MIL-CAT5 is designed for 24/7 use. The sealed keyboard, which resists fluids, dust, and debris, has full-travel tactile keys and also features a dimmable backlight for day and night use. The large trackball is designed to be vibration resistant and can be used with gloves or ungloved hands. For comfort of the user, there is a padded wrist-rest which reduces the pressure of the ball of hand resting on the keyboard.

The highlights of the CSC-20-MIL-CAT5 is the high resolution 20-inch LCD which supports resolutions up to 1600x1200 and is compatible with both Windows, Sun Microsystems, and Mac. This mil grade display also features brightness controls for the LCD backlight which provides greater color with lower light output. This unit is also equipped with an integrated CAT5 KVM switch (not KVM over IP) which supports up to 16 servers. Rather than using big, bulky analog KVM switch cables with a set length, this unit utilizes CAT5 cable to transfer the keyboard/mouse and video signals from the servers. This results in saving space in your rack or transport case and having the ability to make the cables as short or long as required. The CAT5 cable terminates at the server via a dongle, click here to see more.

Key Features
  • USB and PS/2 connectors via dongles
  • Entire unit only 2U (3.45") high 
  • Native 1600 x 1200 resolution
  • 3-button optical trackball
  • Optional Sun-compatible Keyboard
  • Integrated 16-port KVM switch
  • NEMA sealed front 2mm protective glass for LCD
  • Windows, Sun, Unix, Linux, OS/2, X Windows & Apple compatible
  • 2-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • 28 and 48-volt DC and 400Hz power supply options
LCD Specifications
LCD Technology: . Active matrix TFT color LCD
. 20.1" diagonal screen size
. 1600 x 1200 addressable pixels
. 0.294mm pixel pitch
. 300cd/m² (typ.) brightness
. 600:1(typ.) contrast ratio
. Tr: 30ms / Tf: 25ms (typ.)
. L/R=80° / 80°, U/D=80° / 80° viewing angle
. 50,000 hours life (min.)
Display Resolution: 1600 pixels(H) x 1200 lines(V)
Active Display Area: 376.32mm(H) x 301mm(V)
Displayable Color: 16.7M colors
Horizontal Scan: 31.5kHz to 80kHz
Vertical Refresh: 56Hz to 75Hz
Pixel Frequency: 135MHz
Compatibility . PC - IBM - Linux: Up to 1600 x 1200 non-interlaced
. Apple Macintosh: Up to 1600 x 1200
. Sun Microsystems/Unix: 1600 x 1200 including 1152 x 900, 66 / 76Hz
Input Signal: VGA via CATX-USB or CATX-PS2 dongles
Auto-adjustment: Yes
I/O Connectors: DC power in
Power Input: 90-240v, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 55 watt (max.), < 5 watt (off mode)
Operating Altitude: 20,000ft
Operating Temperature:
0°~60°C / 32°~140°F . Humidity: 95% maximum
Storage Temperature: -40°~70°C / -40°~158°F . Humidity: 95% maximum
Model Number:

CSC-20-MIL-CAT5A (20" rackslides standard)
Optional items (call for model numbers):
Power: 24v - 48vDC, 400Hz, PFC
Mil-Spec: 461E, 901D, 167, 810

CSC-20-MIL-CAT5AS: With Sun-compatible Keyboard

Required Accessories: Remote Interface Connectors to connect to servers.(info)
CATX-PS2: VGA & PS/2 mouse keyboard
CATX-USB: VGA & USB mouse keyboard
CATX-MDP: Mini Display Port and USB Mouse Keyboard
CATX-DP: Display Port and USB Mouse Keyboard

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